The Really Good Pot Roast is Robert Rubin and Mark Dabney.

Our first album, Serious as a Heart Attack, is dedicated to the memory of Maurice Rubin and Roger Sullivan.  All proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to the American Heart Association in their honor.  We decided that the title Serious as a Heart Attack was appropriate because Maurice and Roger would have thought it was funny.

Robert and Mark wish to thank their lovely wives for all their support and understanding during the making of this album.  We also would like to thank beer and Scotch (Particularly Johnnie Walker) for being there during all those late night recording sessions.

Rob and Mark play guitar, bass, keyboard, harmonica, ukulele, drums, and banjo, with varying degrees of success.  This album was produced using N-Track, Acoustica Beatcraft, Hydrogen Drums, lots of musical instruments and various other music production software suites.  The Really Good Pot Roast aren’t sponsored or endorsed by anybody (hint hint).