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When I started this tumblr just over two years ago, I never imagined that I’d ever have a theme song or that this really would be a blog about men’s armpits. What a long strange road it’s been. The Really Good Pot Roast made me a theme song and it’s awesome! Follow them on tumblr. Listen to my theme song. Explore my armpit tag (x). Go!

Another awesome tumblroo, another theme song.  We had a lot of fun with this one, going for a They Might Be Giants feel.  And we got some title help from the better half of The House.

We’ll be collecting these theme tracks together for a charity EP in the next couple of weeks, so be on the look out.  We’re also starting the 50/90 songwriting challenge, so look for new music from us this summer, and a new full-length album this winter!

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As Dr. Cranquis and the Really Good Pot Roast sat around a dimly lit table on a snowy night at Cranquis’ Fortress of Cranquitude to write our holiday opus, The Twelve Days of Cranqmas, we joked about med students and how they tend to take over in teaching hospitals.  Someone, I don’t recall who, said, ‘It’s like an inquisition.  And no one expects the Med Student Inquisition.‘  A silence followed as we realized the ramifications of these words.  We nodded, and set about finishing the work at hand, knowing full well that a new task had just begun.

Today, in honor of Dr. Cranquis’ 50,000 follower milestone*, we present to you a new addition of The Cranqsterpiece Theater, featuring the voice talents of The Lady of the House, the guys from the Really Good Pot Roast, and the start of the show himself, Dr. Cranquis.

Listen with limited commercial interruption, and enjoy!


And now for something completely different.

*Dr. Cranquis is still a little bit away from 50k, but we were late with all the other milestones, so this balances out.

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Mumbled Gripes (Remix) - The Really Good Pot Roast

A while ago, we wrote a theme song for Dr. Cranquis.  We’ve decided to give it a remix and repost for 2 reasons.  One, we’ve been working on theme songs recently in advance of our upcoming Tumblr Theme song Compilation with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.  Two, as a teaser for an upcoming Cranquis Project celebrating his soon-to-be 50,000th follower.  And three - we have 3 reasons for the repost.  One, Tumblr themes project, Two, Cranquis 50K project, Three, gives us more practice with our new mastering software, and Four shameless self-promotion of previous albums, DAMN!  We have 4 reasons for this post which have been listed in my previous sentence.

Mumbled Gripes, The Official Dr. Cranquis Theme, appeared on our album You Have Died of Dysentery.  CLICK HERE to visit BandCamp and download all of our albums for free!

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I have a theme song!  Technically, I even wrote the lyrics.  All of the lyrics are taken directly from my posts.  I’m quite pleased with this.  Kinda bad ass!


I’m off to work.


Don’t bang your cousin while I’m gone.

Another theme song for another awesome blog. We have a couple more in progress, so stay tuned.

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Proving that no one is safe from The Really Good Pot Roast, I HAVE A THEME SONG NOW.  

This surprise arrived in my inbox just before I was to leave work.  And it’s perfect.  Some great 80’s/90’s era industrial electronica.

If you go into a meeting and wonder, What would MMLTD do in this situation?, assume whatever I would do would have this blaring behind me.

Another theme song ‘managed’.

More to come, folks.  We have a couple more in the works, but we’re still taking requests.

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the Really Good Pot Roast - We’ll Come to You (A Theme for Jules)

I have a theme song, and it is brilliant.

genuinely crying, though, about how much I love this. and you guys. thank you. ♥♥♥ xoxoxoxo

Glad you enjoy your theme song.  We had a good time with this one and it came together fairly quickly.  More themes to come.  Stay tuned…


I’m reposting this because I accidentally sent an older mix to Jules originally.  Now that she’s updated her post with the final version of the song I figure I’d fix ours.

helms-deep asked
You guys should really consider selling an album or EP of these Tumblr Theme Songs. I'd pay good money for mine. Maybe even shoot some of the proceeds towards relief efforts in Oklahoma. =)

This is gonna be a thing that happens.  We’ve got a few more theme song requests to get to, but stay tuned for The Really Good Tumblr Theme Song Compilation Album with all proceeds going to The Red Cross!

Awesome idea, sir!

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It is a really good thing I am alone right now because the happy dance I am doing might be construed by strangers as a fit. BECAUSE I HAVE A FUCKING THEME SONG PEOPLE.

Courtesy of The Really Good Pot Roast.  You guys are the fucking best.  

Back up haters, enjoy the Cuntitude because I took the O out of Cuntry.

Another theme song in the books.  This is about as country as we get, folks.

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I have a theme song now, courtesy of the incredibly talented gentlemen from The Really Good Pot Roast.

Let’s be honest, this is funky as hell. Their inspiration was that this would be the song that would play at the beginning of my late night talk show. They nailed it.

Now, excuse me while I go dress up like Bootsy Collins and dance around the house to this for the remainder of the day.

As the final horn sounds, you should hear Ralph in your head say, “Welcome to Helm’s Deep. I’m your host.”

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My motherfuckin’ theme music!

Written, played, and rocked the fuck out by Rob and Mark, also known as the Really Good Pot Roast. (the raddest pot roast ever)


You guys seriously made my day/month/year

Listen for it. It’s so rad. You’ll know when you hear it.

How awesome is this?

There *might* have been alcohol involved.

It was a good day in the studio.

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I now have a theme song.  Always wanted one of those.  Mr. Of The House heard my regional dialect meme, got together with a friend, and did this.  Please to Enjoy, The House Band (et moi) playing, Lived, Loved, Been Around.

(Actually, the husband-like appendage and his friend make up the dual city band, The Really Good Pot Roast.)


This is one of my favorites from the dialect / accent meme.  It’s a song. It’s brilliant.


This is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

I am pissing myself laughing.

You.  Or y’all.

If anybody else needs a theme song just hit us up.

We here in The Really Good Pot Roast wish you a merry ODF season.

Please enjoy yourselves. And each other.


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Machine - The Really Good Pot Roast

I’ve had the chorus and general chord progression for this song kicking around my head a little while now.  FAWM seemed like a good motivator for us to finish writing and draft a demo together.  I scratched out rough demo, passed it to Rob, and he brought it home.

I wanted this to be a simple, energetic, 3 chord rocker.  Something loud and fun.  I’m a fan of ow this came together.  The lyrics are lighter than a lot of our other music and that’s always a victory for us.  A bit of a nod to Jonathan Coulton in terms of content, as it’s a love song by a robot.  Click here for the song page and lyrics.

There’s clean up work to be done, but this is a good draft for FAWM.  We’re starting to scratch out the track list for our next album, and this is a candidate.

As always, we hope you enjoy.  And if you like writing or performing music, there’s still time left to join us for FAWM!