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New Year’s Fool

Rob got me a melodica for the holidays.  It is obviously awesome. Yesterday, Rob challenged me to write a song using the aforementioned melodica, my ukulele, and a tamborine.  He asked that the song be called ‘Redheaded Stepchild’.  I was able to fulfill 3/4 of his challenge. Only fitting the resulting song is in 3/4 time.

This song is called ‘New Year’s Fool (New Year’s Day)’ instead of Redheaded Stepchild because that’s where the lyrical narrative wound up.  I tried to write something funny as the proposed title suggests, but I couldn’t get there.  Instead, I wrote this.  It’s a, well, it’s a song with uke, melodica, tamborine, and vocals, in 3/4 time.  This isn’t a punk song, fair to say.  I’m getting over a cold, so the song is a bit nasaly.  But I’m pleased with the 2 hours of work.

Let me know what you think, dear internet.

And if you like this, could I interest you in our two albums on Bandcamp?  They’re free/pay what you want.

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