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Welcome Home - The Really Good Pot Roast

The idea for this song came to me last week when TLOTH went away for a few days. I had this idea to write a welcome back song for her. A fanfare that would play every time she walked in the door and I was there to greet her. The final lyrics drift a bit from that idea. TLOTH has never left me out in the cold to die (She couldn’t if she wanted to, it’s been 60 degrees all winter). 

After demoing the track, I sent it over to Mark and he really put it all together by creating a bridge, adding a bassline, then reorganizing and adding to the harmonies. (I take full responsibility for the AutoTune.   It has a setting called “T-Pane” and I used it.)

TLOTH has long reminded me that I still have not written a song for her. The main reason for this is that I have this constant fear that whatever I write for her won’t be good enough. I hope she likes this one.


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