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Hello.  Have you met Dr. Cranquis?

With almost ten thousand followers, statistically speaking that was a rhetorical question.  If you are that person who hasn’t, go now and read.

Dr. Cranquis is quickly approaching that 10,000 follower milestone, and we’re helping him celebrate.  Today we’re giving you the first part of our not-so-secret-anymore super-secret-project we’ve mentioned recently. 

We’ve written Dr. Cranquis a theme song.

In a similar vein to his televised alter ego’s theme, Mumbled Gripes is an instrumental drums-forward trip-hop rock track.

Mumbled Gripes will be on our new album You Have Died of Dysentery, which will be released via Bandcamp this week. You’ll be able to download it in whatever format you’d like, at whatever price you’d like (including free).


PS - There is another part to the Dr. Cranquis 10,000th Follower Spectacular in the pipeline, but you’ll just have to wait and see.

Somebody pinch me, cuz I’m having this dream where total strangers compose music for my internet alter-ego. WHAT?!?!

But long-time readers will recall, I’ve been promising you a little something special when this blog hits 10,000 followers for quite a while now. And thanks to the music-making duo The Really Good Pot Roast, that “something” is gonna be pretty “special”… although possibly a bit late for the 10K mark. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, go check out the rest of RGPR’s musical stylings on their Tumblr. :)

I’m reblogging this song because it has now officially gotten radio play.

'Mumbled Gripes', the song Dr. Cranquis commissioned as part of his 10,000 follower milestone, was played on the April 22nd edition of 'No Pidgeonholes' hosted by Don Campau. 

Mumbled Gripes was released on our You Have Died of Dysentery instrumental album in December.  You can find it on our Bandcamp page.

If you’re looking for us, we’ll be doing a happy dance.

Dance of Joy


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    I’m reblogging this song because it has now officially gotten radio play. 'Mumbled Gripes', the song Dr. Cranquis...
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