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Mark Dabney - Designed Mistake (Track from NEW THING)

Designed Mistake was the first solo song I wrote this past FAWM, and it’s the reason I put this album together.  Looking at a month of songwriting in the days before FAWM started, I wasn’t sure how I’d approach it, what style, what sound, what direction I wanted to go.  Then February 1st, I wrote this.

Rob and I have had discussions about what tracks to post here as previews for the album.  We originally crossed this one off the list because an early version had been posted here before.  But this song solidified the direction I wanted to go for an album.  It’s direction and sound is why NEW THING is happening.

I hope you enjoy it.


New Thing, coming May 15th

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  2. kiwafruit said: "Enjoy" it?! I *love* it! Can’t wait for the album :D