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NEW THING (Title Track from the new album by Mark Dabney - Out Now!)

There is a ritual. The Sacred Ritual of the First Track. It’s when you finally break down and buy or build a new system, and you want to put it through it paces. So you record your first track; a song that you know would have blown out your old system. Something you should would have made the soundcard from your old computer jump right the hell out of your old computer and smack you before retiring for the evening with a cup of decaf chamomile and some easy listening.

This song started life as a tech demo for my new system. It is a ridiculous collection of things I wouldn’t have even tried on my old computer. Some details:

  • This song is 26 tracks in total.
  • There are two concurrent drum tracks
  • There is an 8-part vocal harmony in the bridge running various effects, all  just to push the system
  • The main vocal is triple layered.
  • The guitars are triple layered.
  • I pitch shifted the twinned solo just because I wanted the computer to have to handle it.
  • There is a LOT going on here.

This song hits like a freight train and doesn’t let up. It’s a fun, fast, punk-ish, new wave, industrial track. It goes until it doesn’t.

Thanks to everyone who listened to the album.  Hugs to those that downloaded it. BIG hugs to those that bought it.  You’re all awesome.

If you’ve done none of those things:  Clickypoo


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