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Here and Now - Mark

While some people we know are enjoying ComiCon, we’re still working on new music.  The Fifty-Ninety Songwriting Challenge is underway, and Rob and I are headlong into writing.  We’ll both be posting new music here on the blog (as well as tracks from Rob’s upcoming solo CD!) throughout the summer.

This song is called ‘Here and Now’.  I reblogged a post earlier from Kahiwa (a fellow 50/90 and FAWM musician) about this track, but thought I’d post the song itself to the blog.  The song is a ukulele driven twee/pop song.  It’s a rough demo, because you don’t have time for polished products in 50/90.  

Click here to read more of my liner notes, or to just check out 50/90 in general.  

Be on the look out for more new music from RGPR this summer!


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