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Robert Rubin - Now That You’re Here

As we’ve teased a few times already on the blog in the past few weeks, we’ve been mixing away at my first solo album.  Actually, we’re almost done.  With the finish line in sight it’s time to start sharing some of the music with you folks.  The album will be released August 10th and will be available as a name-your-price (Yes, that includes free) download via BandCamp.  Stay tuned for further details.

The album itself is divided into 2 sections.  The first half of the album is a concept EP I worked on during FAWM (February Album Writing Month) this year.  These 5 tracks work together to tell the story of an evolving relationship.  The EP plays as one continuous piece of music.  The second half of the album consists of other songs I’ve written recently that I wanted to share, but are not part of a continuing story.  Those songs cover important topics such as the time travel paradox and my horrible potty mouth.

Today’s preview is the title track from the new album and is part of the story/EP section of the album (Hence the rather abrupt end to the track).  Now That You’re Here joins the story already in progress.  The narrator has welcome the love of his life home but realizes that they are apart so often that it is difficult to interact directly (This is not based on personal experience.  TLOTH and I both have jobs that allow us to spend lots of time together).

Hope you enjoy!


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