The 5090 podcast done got took over...


So those ratbag talented boys from The Really Good Pot Roast done took over the 5090 podcast. Yeah, remember that? That podcast what I started last year and consistently languish in a state of unattention? Yeah, that one… 

Apparently they were hanging out and drinking and decided to record an episode. You can listen online directly from the feed on blogspot or subscribe via iTunes or your podcast/RSS feeder of choice. 

I, for one, love it. Listening to it right now in fact. As should you, for the entertainment of the banter, for the joy of new music, or just for shits and giggles. 

p.s. you boys crack me up :D

Yep, we done did it.  

Kahiwa (aka Kiwafruit) and T.C. Elliott have lead the charge in creating enjoyable, funny, and always awesome showcases of fellow 50/90 musicians in their podcasts.  This year, Rob and I gathered a collection of songs we really like from this year’s 50/90, and squared away some time during our most recent session weekend to put together our own episode.  And drank our way through it all, as should be evident as the show progresses. 

Oh, and this podcast features a only-played-here live version of Rob’s Corprolaliaas well as a BRAND NEW SONG BY RGPR!!!ZOMG!

We’ve said it before:  50/90 is a great community of some amazing musicians and good people.  Like new and interesting music?  Listen to some of the podcasts (like this one), then come check out the site.  Do you write music?  Come join us.  

Please enjoy The Really Good Podcast, the 50/90 Podcast episode #13.  And special thanks to T.C. and Kahiwa for allowing us to take over hosting for an episode!  

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