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Mark Dabney - Hit Me Baby One More Time

Britney Spears cover

Every once and a while, one of us will send the over an song we’ve recorded with no details attached other than a brief message to the effect of, “This happened today.  Thought I’d share it with you.”  Sometimes these songs are original tunes with odd lyrics or music, other times they’re interesting cover choices.  Today Mark sent me a cover song.  This is the entire email message he attached (The MP3 was unlabeled, but I’m including the song title to grab your attention as you scroll through your dashboard):

I recorded a song.  This is the last time I touch this thing.  The idea got in my head while I paced around the house my guitar in hand.  I found I had a fair idea of the chords, but looked them up, along with the lyrics.  But I decided to record it anyway.  

What you hear is the first time I played through the song in it’s entirety.  I’m being cagey with the title because, well… just listen.

This isn’t for 50/90, certainly.  

This just kinda happened because it amused me.  I’m sharing it with you because (1) I thought I’d share (2) you might laugh, (3) I’m an idiot.


I enjoyed it so much I’m sharing it with you fine folks.  Mark doesn’t know I’m posting this to the band blog, but he will in a few seconds…

MARK’S EDIT:  Well, I clearly know now.  Well played, sir.  Well played.

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    My favorite part of this song (Aside from the song itself) is the fact that it starts with Mark’s signature 15 seconds...
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