Cranq-Mas: Welcome to the Holiday Season, Tumblr Style!

The Really Good Pot Roast and Dr. Cranquis have been at it again.  This time it’s been decided that our next great musical collaboration will celebrate the holiday season Tumblr style!  By writing the first Cranq-mas Carol.  

What’s Cranq-mas, you ask?  Why, it’s only the 12 Day, Non-Denominational, MultiCultural, All-Inclusive, Non-Judgemental Tumblr Winter Holiday Season Enjoyment Period!

The band is going to write “The 12 Days of Cranq-mas" Carol.  But we’re looking for the help of all the Cranquistadors and Roastheads (Roasters? Really Good Fans?) out there in Tumblr Land.  

What do you think should be the 12 gifts of Cranq-mas?  

Just submit your gift idea in official “12 Days” format (5 golden rings, 2 turtle doves…) to the Really Good Ask Box.  You can submit an entire list, or just ideas for individual days.  Best gift ideas will be revealed when the song is completed.  If your idea is used in the song you will receive credit (Link to your blog in the song lyrics on the final post).  Anonymous submissions are also accepted.

Let’s get Cranq-ing!


  1. kiwafruit said: I would happily define myself as a “RoastHead” or “Really Good Fan” :D looking forward to Rxmas!
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    Do it.
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    Cranquis & Co. are at it again.
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    And if you’re a medical atheist who doesn’t believe in Cranquis, you can just refer to the holiday as Rx-Mas. Let’s do...
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