Songwriter’s Showcase with Mark Dabney!

Hi everyone! 

In the Maryland area and interested in seeing half of The Really Good Pot Roast live? Here’s your chance!  I (Mark) am playing a Songwriter’s Showcase in Damascus, MD on November 3rd!

Come join me at The Music Cafe for an evening of performances by local songwriters (including me!) and hosted by Ferrante & Dillon! The Music Cafe is a great coffee house with delicious food.  And of course, live music!

The show is from 7pm-10pm.  I’m playing the opening slot from 7-7:30, then will join the rest of the local artists for a jam at the end.  I’ll be playing almost all originals, and mayhaps a cover I’ve been kicking around…

The Details:

Aside from a couple open mic nights, this will be my first show in years.  Should be fun (and in no way phenomenally nerve-racking and intimidating)!


  1. palmtreepalmtree said: Exciting! I wish I could be there!
  2. thegingeredmess said: Gah, I wish I wasn’t in the south!
  3. womaninterrupted said: Sounds like fun. Wish I could go.
  4. cranquis said: Good luck! (and just to keep my air of mystery alive): maybe I’ll be there. or maybe i won’t. ;)
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