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Falling Together

I love this song.  Aside from being just a fun tune, I loved writing this song.  This was a song Rob and I collaborated on for a song writing challenge.  During a weekend of songwriting, hanging out, and drinking, Rob came up with a great idea; we trade off writing in isolation.  Each person writes and records for no more than 15 minutes, then tags the other person in.  The other person has 15 minutes to listen, edit, alter, write, and record anything.  The catch is that we could not talk to each other about what we did, or didn’t, or meant to do.  First, I spent 15 minutes programming drums.  Then Rob laid down the bassline.  I did some guitar work.  Rob did some guitar work.  We played chicken with the vocals, and I eventually lost and penned some quick lyrics and cranked them out.

After the vocals, we both sat and listened.  We had a working draft of the song.  It was fascinating, because it could’ve gone so wildly wrong, but we just went with it, and surprised each other with each new layer.

That song is one of my favorite tracks we’ve written, not just because it’s a catchy little tune, but because how it came to be.