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Bitter End

While Mark and I consider this a part of our 50/90 productivity for this year, the song actually pre-dates it by little bit.  The song started as another one of our musical experiments.  I programmed some basic drums (just to keep time), wrote a melody and recorded it using my MIDI keyboard, then set it to be an acoustic bass sound.  Then I sent it to Mark and told him to really explore the MIDI functions in our recording software to make this song something different.  By the time the file made it back to me, Mark had transformed the melody from that acoustic bass sound into an entire horn section.

I really like Mark’s lyrics here because they capture our brand of humor quite well.  I think his line, “I’ll travel back in time and get your mom to abstain / and the best part of you will just go down the drain.” is one of his best to date.

Hope you all enjoy!