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We’ve wanted to release this song for a while.  I think we’ve posted it here before, but it bears repeating.  This one is a straight ahead 70’s style guitar-forward rocker.  We had a lot of fun just stripping things back and keeping things focused on guitars, bass, and vocals here. 

We hope you enjoy it.

From Mixed Signals, the newest album by The Really Good Pot Roast, available now on for pay-what-you-want.


Mixed Signals

The new full-length album by The Really Good Pot Roast.

On May 19th, 2014 for pay-what-you-want.


Mixed Signals

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The Really Good Pot Roast - Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover)

QUESTION:  What does a band do after just finishing recording and mixing an album?

ANSWER:  Record a cover of Jolene in 24 hours.

Much like Mark’s cover of ‘…Hit Me Baby One More Time’, this track just kind of snuck up on us, and we ran with it.  Let me take you through the last 24 hours of this recording’s short life:

- - -

Tuesday, 8:30pm - Text Exchange
ROB: For some reason I started recording a cover of Jolene.
MARK: Yes. Yes. Do it.  That might have to go on the blog.
MARK: Please do it.
ROB: Let’s see what happens with it.  I might tag you in for backing and fills and such.
MARK: Okay.  I’m excited by this.

Tuesday, 8:50pm - Text Exchange
ROB: I sent you what I accomplished tonight.
MARK: I got it.  I’ll download it tonight and play around.

Wednesday, 12:30am - Email
MARK: Okay, so I put some work in here. […]  If you wanted to go Mumford and Sons on this, I missed it completely, and we can just scrap this.  If not, read on.  […detailed rambling of parts recorded…]  She’s a jaunty tune at a spirited 2:30.  The ball is in your court now.

Wednesday, 1:15pm - Text Exchange
ROB:  Listened to Jolene before I left the house.  I like what you did I might add some more guitar fills, but that’s it.
MARK:  Cool.  I’m glad.

Wednesday, 6:45pm-7:45pm - Email
ROB:  […more detailed ramblings of parts recorded, mixing…] Getting the balance on the mix was a bit rough, but I think we’re in a good place now.
MARK:  Awesome.  I’m good with this.  Want to post it?
ROB:  I’m giving you the honor of the post.  I’m not sure I could explain what just happened.  Or why.

What happened here is that we relaxed after recording an album by recording a 70’s punk-esque cover.  Why is because why the hell not? 

Mixed Signals, the new album by The Really Good Pot Roast, out on May 19th on for pay-what-you-want.

Mixed Signals

The new full-length album by The Really Good Pot Roast.

On May 19th, 2014 for pay-what-you-want.

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Until The Cops Come (For You) - The Really Good Pot Roast

Rob’s Thoughts:

This track started as a progression I wrote a while ago on an acoustic guitar while watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on Food Network.  I thought it sounded too similar to The Doors song “5 To 1” to really do anything with, but I sent it over to Mark to see if he could take it in a direction that made it less Doors-like.  I think he really did a great job with it.  He reworked the progression slightly and re-recorded the guitars with some nice distortion to completely transform the sound.  To me though, the star of this track are Mark’s vocals.  Some of the strongest vocal work he’s ever done.

Mark’s Thoughts:

I was a big fan of the original music Rob sent over, and I really wanted to work with the music.  But as is my M.O., it took me just south of forever to turn something around.  I couldn’t figure out the approach I wanted for lyrics. Then one day something just worked for me.  Pretty stream of consciousness writing.

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Live songwriting experiment - COMPLETE! Lyrics and chords exist in this post

At first I was all 

Why am I doing this? What if I fail? Oh man oh man oh man oh man… Why am I worried? I don’t even have that many followers…

Then I was all 

Why won’t the lyrics just COME already?! Why do I keep stuffing up?! Where is *that* stupid harmony coming from? Are you for serious brain?!

But, now it’s exported, uploaded and about to go on to my fiftyninety page. I can’t decide it I like it or not. I’m just

Done like a done thing. 

Kahiwa, a fell 50/90 and FAWMer, recently chronicled the writing of a new song.  Unlike the disasters attempts Rob and I have showcased here, she recorded snippets of the song during the writing phase and posted them, along with the lyrics and chord progression.  Following on her blog under the tag ‘live blogging’, it’s a fascinating insight into another musician’s writing process. 

It’s also an amazing decent into gif-madness.

Well done, Kahiwa!



You may have heard me, and others, go on about 50/90 and thought - why would you want to write 50 songs in 90 days? They’re not going to be any good. And, besides, I can’t write that quickly. Or at all. 

This video is why. 

Because (I like to think anyway) I have good taste in music. I know what I want to make. I know how I want it to sound. I have an idea of what “good” for me sounds like, but I’m not there yet. 

50/90 is how I do “a lot of work”. It forces me to write. It forces me to change and adapt and be influenced and collaborate and connect with others. It forces me to be critical of what I’m creating and others. It forces me to look for the next level between where I am and where I want to be. 

And it’s a lot of fun. 

So, watch the video. Then come over and join us. There’s still time. 

This is brilliant.  First, the actual video itself is wonderful typography in motion.  But the content is absolutely 100% spot on.  If you’re employed in creative work, if you’re a hobbyist, if you’re working a day-job to support your night time artistic endeavors, this thought is simple but apt.  

It takes hard work to make things look easy.  Most overnight successes have spent an awful number hours trying but not quite getting there.  But that’s okay.  That’s part of it all.

And that’s usually the hardest lesson to learn.

The 5090 podcast done got took over...


So those ratbag talented boys from The Really Good Pot Roast done took over the 5090 podcast. Yeah, remember that? That podcast what I started last year and consistently languish in a state of unattention? Yeah, that one… 

Apparently they were hanging out and drinking and decided to record an episode. You can listen online directly from the feed on blogspot or subscribe via iTunes or your podcast/RSS feeder of choice. 

I, for one, love it. Listening to it right now in fact. As should you, for the entertainment of the banter, for the joy of new music, or just for shits and giggles. 

p.s. you boys crack me up :D

Yep, we done did it.  

Kahiwa (aka Kiwafruit) and T.C. Elliott have lead the charge in creating enjoyable, funny, and always awesome showcases of fellow 50/90 musicians in their podcasts.  This year, Rob and I gathered a collection of songs we really like from this year’s 50/90, and squared away some time during our most recent session weekend to put together our own episode.  And drank our way through it all, as should be evident as the show progresses. 

Oh, and this podcast features a only-played-here live version of Rob’s Corprolaliaas well as a BRAND NEW SONG BY RGPR!!!ZOMG!

We’ve said it before:  50/90 is a great community of some amazing musicians and good people.  Like new and interesting music?  Listen to some of the podcasts (like this one), then come check out the site.  Do you write music?  Come join us.  

Please enjoy The Really Good Podcast, the 50/90 Podcast episode #13.  And special thanks to T.C. and Kahiwa for allowing us to take over hosting for an episode!  

Mark’s 50/90 Profile

Rob’s 50/90 Profile 


More Musical Happenings

While half of the band was off nerding it up with nerds in the nerdy West Coast (I’M SO JEALOUS!!!1!1!!ELEVEN!!!), the band has still been moving forward with new music!

First, 50/90. Yes, Rob and I are shambling forward on this lunatic’s march toward 50 songs. We’d both promised ourselves that we’d keep it to a dull roar this year and not aim for 50 songs. Rob ‘won’ last year with 51 tracks. I was within shouting distance at 42. This year, we figured we’d focus on staying sane, finishing Rob’s Solo CD, and the upcoming RGPR album. Yadda yadda yadda… we have 10 songs between us already (one of which was my twee / pop / ukulele track ‘Here and Now' we posted here last week). You'll see some of those posted in the coming days / weeks.

Secondly, Rob’s solo disc. Seriously, be jealous of me, because I can listen to most of this now, and you can’t. We’re in the final weeks of mixing, and it’s coming along really well. I think there are about 3 or 4 more tracks to mix, then we work on sequencing. We’ll be posting some tracks here soon, so look out, peeps.

Finally, We’re still aiming to have a new album together by the holidays this year. We’ve planned a session in August to write new tracks and mix old ones. And drink. Maybe some yelling. Then drinks. Be on the look out for some liquid encouragement songs, and possibly a 50/90 Podcast recorded live while drinking. What could possibly go wrong?

Don’t answer that.


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Here and Now - Mark

While some people we know are enjoying ComiCon, we’re still working on new music.  The Fifty-Ninety Songwriting Challenge is underway, and Rob and I are headlong into writing.  We’ll both be posting new music here on the blog (as well as tracks from Rob’s upcoming solo CD!) throughout the summer.

This song is called ‘Here and Now’.  I reblogged a post earlier from Kahiwa (a fellow 50/90 and FAWM musician) about this track, but thought I’d post the song itself to the blog.  The song is a ukulele driven twee/pop song.  It’s a rough demo, because you don’t have time for polished products in 50/90.  

Click here to read more of my liner notes, or to just check out 50/90 in general.  

Be on the look out for more new music from RGPR this summer!


Come listen to 50/90 AWESOMENESS


My internet friend, jonniegrunge, from The Really Good Pot Roast has written the awesomest happy make-you-dance-and-jump-around ukulele+electronica song. 

I’ve just listened to it 5 times on repeat, jumping around like a crazy person. 

Please go listen to it. 

Kahiwa (aka kiwafruit) is awesome. 

Rob and I have blathered on about 50/90 before.  It’s a great place  for songwriters to challenge themselves, listen to other musicians write and produce, and learn.  We’re both headlong into the challenge, and we’ll be demoing a couple songs here on our tumblr.

What Kahiwa is talking about is a song I wrote called ‘Here and Now’, which is pop/electronica/twee/ukulele song.  Yep.  All that.

Click the linkipoo Kahiwa provided to listen.  Or barring that, I’ll try and post it here later today. 


Someone just bought our instrumental album ‘You Have Died of Dysentery’. No, that’s not really the newsworthy bit. The newsworthy bit is that they found our music through a google search and liked it enough to buy it.  

To date, most of our sales have been through links we’ve supplied here, or other music websites and forums. We appreciate them all, but this was someone who discovered us seemingly by happenstance, and elected to purchase our record.

As we march into the start of 5090, this kind of moment is emboldening to usFound as musicians, and as a band. We’re clearly not professional musicians, but we’re making music that interests us, and other people are finding it, and digging it. Good times from RGPR.

Failing Live 4: Failing Together

Rob and I are in the same place, at the same time.

Our wives are out getting pampered and otherwise enjoying themselves without our senseless blathering about music.  So Rob and I are doing the only logical thing.

A new Failing Live session. 

We’ve got 90 minutes.

We are go.

50/90 podcast #6 - Turn it up loud


I’ve finally finished another episode of the 50/90 podcast. It’s taken forever to just get around to doing it. It’s available online and waiting to give you listening pleasure from or subscribe through iTunes.

Okay, tumblr-ites.  We’ve told you all about FiftyNinety.  You’ve heard some of the podcasts, and maybe you thought, ‘Hey, that’s some good mellow music’.  Scrap that.  This weekend, the ever awesome Kahiwa (Kiwafruit) stacked together a new podcast meant to be turned up loud.  Brace your faces, people, lest they be rocked off by awesome indie awesomeness.

You want rock? Check.  Dancy-fun electronica?  Yep.  Want Hip-Hop, possibly with a bit of an industrial sound (like this one)?  Gotcha.  You want some old school punk? Damn right you do. 

Rob and I have somehow found 5 of our songs on the podcast (with different collaborators), which is super awesome.  On a completely unrelated note, Rob and I owe Kahiwa a few rounds of drinks.

Head on over, download, and turn it up.