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Run (Live) - The Really Good Pot Roast original

This was one of my favorite tracks from Mixed Signals.  We had a lot of fun recording the album, and I really enjoy playing these songs.  This was one of the first songs we finished for the record, so I haven’t played it in a while.  This was sort of a cold read off the lyrics, and the first time I’ve played it acoustic.

Ani Difranco - 32 Flavors

Ani is one of two acoustic musicians that made me want to learn to play guitar.  She barely stands 5 feet tall, but when she plays even solo acoustic, she absolutely fills the room.  Her songwriting is smart, sometimes challenging, sometimes opinionated, but her voice takes command and requires you to at least listen.  Her guitar playing is at times delicate, and other times so powerful that you’re sure she’s going to destroy a few strings (in an interview once, she talked about how she strings and tunes her guitar so the strings are well stretched out.  I still use the technique she described on my acoustics).

This song is a favorite, and this recording is from one of her first tours with a band.  I haven’t heard her newer stuff, but this material still defines how I play guitar.


If You Were Looking by Michael Gutierrez-May (with Mark Dabney) 

During FAWM 2012 this year, I collaborated with Michael Gutierrez-May, a Massachusetts based musician and songwriter.  We were paired randomly as part of a FAWM challenge, each of us putting our names in a virtual hat and winding up together.  A day or two later, Michael had lyrics together and sent them my way for music.  They’re so uplifting, which is way different than the death, doom, and gloom I normally write. I spent a couple days trying a few different approaches, and finally worked this out version out.  This was recorded on February 17th.  It’s a driving 2 acoustic guitar track with a melodica.  Yep.  Melodica.  

Michael put this up on Jango radio under Michael Gutierrez-May.

He recently told me he put together this video for the song, which is rad as hell. 

Check out Michael’s other music here:

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Claire's Tumblr: Would you like to help me go to college? AKA, hey look! I made an album!


So, I think most of you know that I’ve been working on an album aptly named ‘Ragged,’ for the fact that I’ve recorded it entirely on my Macbook. Tonight, I finished it! Ten songs—three piano improvs and seven folk songs. At least, I pretty sure I’m folksy.

I’d love for you all to go and take a…

Fellow Tumblr musician Claire Salcedo also has an album for sale on BandCamp.  You should go buy it.  Now

Why are you still here?  go!  Buy!

Rob MacAllister @ The Acoustic Club


Last Thursday I played at The Acoustic Club, Bishop’s Stortford. As always I got a recording and it’s here for you to check out if you couldn’t pop down to the gig.

If you want to hear more from The Acoustic Club you can download a 4 track EP for FREE from Bandcamp

If you visit that page it also has the lyrics for the four songs I have previously performed there so feel free to check it out.


Great acoustic performance from a fellow musician here on Tumblr.  The reblog won’t work with Sound Cloud so I’ve put a link to the original post instead.  Do click through and give it a listen.  It’s quite nite.


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Alabaster Woman

This is an unusual song for Mark and I for a few reasons. Typically the vocalist for a Really Good Pot Roast song is whoever wrote the lyrics. This is one of only 2 songs we have that is an exception. The other thing that makes it unusual is the prose. I was in a rhyming rut when I wrote these lyrics so Mark suggested to forget about writing a song an just write a story. We’ll worry about song structure later. Mark saw this story and just put it to music without revision. (Actually, that’s a lie. The 3rd verse was rewritten because the original had too many words in it). The narrative of the song was missing something until Mark added the bridge.


Rob and I have been kicking this song around for a little while. We shelved it for a bit, but came back to it this weekend. This song is a bit of a groove feel to it, simply arranged. We’re not sure what, if anything, it needs. That’s not to say we think it’s perfect, but I think it’s come out pretty well. I have a question about the length of the song, if it should be sped up a bit, but I think the demo has some legs and can stand on it’s own for a while.

This song is a look into the trappings of suburbia, and peeling back the layers of the neighbors you know only in passing, and what they could really be. It’s like telling a story three times, but getting into more uncomfortable details each time. Not everything is as perfect as it seems.


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When I Come Home

This song exemplifies why I like writing with Rob.  This was our third song of the day we put out on 50/90.  We’d worked on other things, made some trips outside the house and whatnot, but we came back to the studio area, and just picked up instruments.  Rob had his acoustic in Open G tuning, and I just started picking around, seeing what i could make of it. The sound of the open tuning was awesome, and I really wanted to work with it.  Rob showed me a riff he had been playing with in Open G.  I took that and combined it with a riff I was messing around with.  Then Rob picked up the harmonica, and we hit record.

The music is the first and only take.  We just played what made sense.  I wrote the lyrics during playback, and we laid them down in one take.  The whole recording and writing happened in less than 20 minutes, but I feel like it’s a beautiful moment in time that we captured. 

Side note: I love it when Rob plays the harmonica.  He just makes it work.  During one of our 5090 songs last year, he played a harmonica solo with the harmonica upside down.  We were drunk, but the song was awesome. 


It’s R Day for the Alphabet Music Challenge.  Celebrate by scrolling through the archive and listening to some tunes.


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Where We Begin

This is my first track of 50/90 2011. My first track last year was an acoustic track, written quickly with the thought that, if I don’t start now, I never will. Well, same thought here. Honestly, I was just finishing up my EP, and I thought I was completely tapped out. Then the first line of these lyrics popped into my head. I had to sit down and just see them through. Not the most amazing lyrics ever, but enough to get me motivated to finish the thought. I adlibbed the bridge vocals, though, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

The music is rough, entirely acoustic. Written in about 30 minutes, recording in just over that. It’s a scratch recording. I could see this being a ‘band’ song eventually, but right now, it’s all acoustic, with some scratched in parts. It’s straight out pop-punk, basic chord structure and a driving pace to it.

This is Where We Begin.