A Follow Up to Musical Happenings

Last night we tried to write and record a song in a Google+ Hangout.  This was a great idea with awesome promise.

It failed in spectacularly comprehensive fashion. 

Computer issues, signal interference issues, data connection issues, audio problems, broken hardware… Even my cell phone started rebooting randomly, and it had nothing to do with the event other than being in close proximity to the disaster.  

The end result consisted of two frustrated musicians several hundred miles apart, a broken set of headphones (they fell off my desk and the right earpiece fell off), and a lot of cursing.  Lots of profanity.  Maybe some frustrated angry dancing.  

We’ll try it again another day.  But for right now, screw Google+.  Right in the ear.


Using the Dad-Guitar

Bass time.  Playing with a basic progression.  Working on strum pattern and tone.  I already need to resequence the song.  Might work on scratching out the parts first, then do a rerecord in the last 45 minutes.

Interesting note with all of this.  AS compressed as all this time is, this is how I usually write.  I write a component, record it, then layer layer layer.  Writing and recording as almost always inextricably linked for me.