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Live songwriting experiment - COMPLETE! Lyrics and chords exist in this post

At first I was all 

Why am I doing this? What if I fail? Oh man oh man oh man oh man… Why am I worried? I don’t even have that many followers…

Then I was all 

Why won’t the lyrics just COME already?! Why do I keep stuffing up?! Where is *that* stupid harmony coming from? Are you for serious brain?!

But, now it’s exported, uploaded and about to go on to my fiftyninety page. I can’t decide it I like it or not. I’m just

Done like a done thing. 

Kahiwa, a fell 50/90 and FAWMer, recently chronicled the writing of a new song.  Unlike the disasters attempts Rob and I have showcased here, she recorded snippets of the song during the writing phase and posted them, along with the lyrics and chord progression.  Following on her blog under the tag ‘live blogging’, it’s a fascinating insight into another musician’s writing process. 

It’s also an amazing decent into gif-madness.

Well done, Kahiwa!



I shouldn’t be left home alone often. I do silly things like spend evenings making videos. 
Or, if you like them, maybe you’ll enjoy the next few weeks/months as I pass time in Adelaide without any established friends…

Kahiwa is a fellow 50/90 musician, and she’s posting live videos of some of her music.  We’ve blogged about her before.  Her music is wonderful, and and writes mostly love songs over solo ukulele music.  Her demo EP, aptly titled ‘Love Songs’, is up on bandcamp.  Go here:

This is a song she wrote about 2 weeks ago, and recorded live recently while cooped up in a hotel room.  My work trips aren’t nearly as productive.


Debs and Errol - Songs in the Key of Geek

Hello.  Have you met Debs and Errol? (also @debsanderrol on twitter)

Debs and Errol are a duo of FAWM veterans that have joined forces to create charming, geeky music.  Their first album, the aptly titled ‘Songs in the Key of Geek' is out now on iTunes, Amazon, and a whole ‘whack’ of other stores.  Nerdcore, Geek Rock, Pop Humor, Comedy… not sure what to call this genre.  But the music really fun, well produced, and rife with great pop- and geek-culture lyrics.

I downloaded their album about a week ago, and I’m a big fan of it.  I could go on about their great vocal interplay, solid arrangements, and the bevy of guest musicians, but here’s what you need to know:

They have songs about:

  • Narwhals
  • AT-ATs
  • Totoro
  • the most specifically descriptive nondescript description of an acceptable mate.

And possibly my favorite song on the album, they have a song whose lyrics are actually a walkthrough for the text-based game Zork.  It’s freaking brilliant.

While we’ve been hawking our own wares for a while (*cough New Thing cough cough*), we wanted to share the Debs and Errol awesome with you all. 

Check them out!