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Right and Tired

Today is my anniversary.  As such, I thought I’d post a song I’d written for my lovely wife.  Last year during 50/90, I was traveling for work a lot, and wound up writing a song called Worktrip, a pop rock song with heavy guitars and a punk beat.

This song is the complete opposite.

This year, just before the start of 50/90, I was on another work trip, and I wrote another song. This time, instead of a sarcastic view of traveling for work and having meetings, I wrote a quasi-love song for my wife. As I flew home on a night flight, I wrote the song, chords and all, on the back of my ticket. The day after I landed, I recorded this song for my wife when she went out to the gym, then left it in her car for her to play on her way to work that Monday. It has more of a country, folk vibe than I originally expected, but I think it works, and I’m very happy with it.

My wife listened to the song again recently, and asked me to post it to 50/90 so people don’t think I only write depressing or angry songs.

This is Right and Tired, and it’s a favorite because my wife likes it. I hope you enjoy, and forgive this small cheat of mine.

I’d also like to point out that our marriage was directly as a result of TLOTH's influence.  She meddled and put my wife and I in the same room together.  We met and never wanted to be anywhere but in the same room together ever again.  Thank you, TLOTH.