In the Pipe and On the Horizon

Greetings Tumblrinos, it’s Pot Roast pal Rob here to give you an update on band happenings.  To me, in the pipe happens before on the horizon, so that’s how this post is going to work.

In the Pipe

After helping Mark release his solo albums over the past year (As a producer) I’m working on my first solo album!  The album consists of songs I’ve written during FAWM and 50/90 during the past year.  Mark is functioning as the album’s producer.  We hope to have the album mixed and ready for release some time in August, so stay tuned to the blog for details.  I’m hoping to post a few sample tracks from the album over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

On the Horizon

The band is also in the process of writing and recording a new album.  We’re using 50/90 to write a chunk of new material.  The band is also threatening to play it’s first EVER live performance in August so stay tuned for more info on that as well.

Here and Now

50/90 is already happening.  Head on over and check out Rob and Mark's individual profiles.  You can also sign up and post your own music to the community.

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Rainy Tuesday (A Moment in Time) - Robert Rubin

Mark and I have been working on production for his album for a while now, and before that we were doing a bunch of production on some tracks we sent out to other folks who participated in FAWM as well as writing music for the next Pot Roast album, Mixed Signals.  It’s been a while since I just sat down and just jammed.  I just opened up the microphone and this is what happened.  I originally was going to live blog this one but I forgot to write blog posts as I went along, so there you go.  It’s been raining a lot here recently and you can hear that in the music.  At least I think so.

Oh yeah…  I remembered to tune today.  Always a victory.

DOOMphones, Engage! Chapter 6: From Mix to MP3

New Thing will be 12 tracks long.  As of today, I believe I’ve created about 80-90 mixes of these songs.  That’s just what  I’ve  done.  Rob undoubtedly has another dozen or two.  With every release, we’ve learned a lot about what can, and should,be done when mixing and recording music. And even more about what we shouldn’t do.

I think this album is becoming our best mixed album.  The sound Rob has gotten out of a couple of these songs has completely blown me away.  For New Thing, we’ve employed a whole new suite of tools and techniques to bring a quality sound out of scrappy home recordings.  I love our old material, but we’re getting better at the production side of things.

In short,  icantplaythislive  (my first solo album) is to  New Thing  what the NES is to the Xbox 360 or PS3.

I can’t wait for you to hear it. 


Failing Live 4: The Guitars…

All instruments have been tuned.

Bassline has been written and recorded.

Mark has announced that he is just gonna improvise the guitars in one take. What can possibly go wrong?!

In other news, a mandolin might happen.

Musical Happenings

Tonight Mark & I are going to attempt something new.  We’re going to write and record a song over a G+ Hangout video chat.  Not sure if this is going to work or just end in frustrating failure, but stay tuned and we’ll post the result… If one is produced.


OK. Here’s the demo of that track I texted you about. We’ve been talking a lot recently about not sending each other completed songs, but I’ve gone too far in the other direction. I’ve taken a day and half to sketch down a basic thought and then passed it to you. Actually, I’ve thrown the pieces of a disaster at you and yelled, “Here! The fucker’s all yours!” I think it has potential.

Actual text from the email Rob sent me along with the original demo for ‘Run For Your Life’. 

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Run For Your Life - The Really Good Pot Roast

Mark’s Notes: About 2 weeks ago, Rob sent me the music for this song, and I loved it. It had that straight ahead classic rock sound. He asked me to come up with lyrics for it. Piece of cake. I then spent most of the last 2 weeks drawing a complete blank. Then I came up with the chorus, and the rest of the stalker vibe lyrics quickly fell into place 2 days ago.

I’m kinda smitten with this song. Rob put together great music, and all I had to do is sing and some mixing. And this song is one of the first times I just felt really comfortable singing.

Rob’s Notes: This song started off rough. I wrote the intro, verse, and chorus music and then hit a wall. I had no idea where it should go. I slapped on a random title and dumped it on Mark. Literally dumped. I sent him an e-mail,. unannounced, that basically said, “This is the music I started writing and never finished. Good luck with it.” He took this to a new level. Might be my favorite song we’ve ever written together.

We hope you enjoy it!

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The Bacon Bourbon Ice Cream Campaign Song - The Really Good Pot Roast

This song is a response to a Plot Generator Idea someone threw out there by the @FAWM Twitter account. The original tweet read, “Plot Generator song idea: After a nightmare, a princess addicted to pain killers perfects a recipe for bacon ice cream.”  This princess is addicted to Xanax and Valium instead of pain killers. They seem more regal.

This song has bourbon AND bacon.  What else could you possibly want.

Mark’s Note:  Rob wrote a song  for the Serious as a Heart Attack album called ‘Dr. Scott’s Scotch’, which was a nursery rhyme style groove track. I love how this song kinda echos back to that storytelling style.

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A large part of the FAWM songwriting community is the forum.  It provides songwriters a chance to ask for advice, provide suggestions, promote ourselves, and occasionally challenge each other.

Errol of Debs and Errol issued a genre challenge:  Take a song lyrics by another FAWMer duane clancy called ‘Dog’s Messin’ With a Skunk Again' from it's originally intended genre (country), and perform it in your own style.

This music for this song is by one of the FAWM resident metal gurus, The Sapient Network. And he destroyed this thing. 

Errol did a piano ballad version.

Sapient called me out and requested I do one in my style, too. So I did.

This song and this challenge is why I less than three FAWM.


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The Really Good Pot Roast - Everything’s OK

MARK:  I’ve had the idea for this song for a little while, but I’ve never been able to pull it off.  I found myself playing with the progression again recently, and before I left on my work trip last week, I recorded a rough demo and sent it off to Rob.  He worked through the song while I worked across the country.  I finally came back to this yesterday, and we finally did cleanup work, including rerecording the vocals (the vocals were really hard for me, for whatever reason.  They’re still a bit o’ the wonkiness) and lots of leveling.

ROB:  After spending a lot of time working on electronic music for the You Have Died of Dysentery album, this is our return to straight up rock.  I’ve been excited to record this song ever since Mark first bounced the idea off me a while ago.  I’m quite pleased with the result.

We hope you enjoy!


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Welcome Home - The Really Good Pot Roast

The idea for this song came to me last week when TLOTH went away for a few days. I had this idea to write a welcome back song for her. A fanfare that would play every time she walked in the door and I was there to greet her. The final lyrics drift a bit from that idea. TLOTH has never left me out in the cold to die (She couldn’t if she wanted to, it’s been 60 degrees all winter). 

After demoing the track, I sent it over to Mark and he really put it all together by creating a bridge, adding a bassline, then reorganizing and adding to the harmonies. (I take full responsibility for the AutoTune.   It has a setting called “T-Pane” and I used it.)

TLOTH has long reminded me that I still have not written a song for her. The main reason for this is that I have this constant fear that whatever I write for her won’t be good enough. I hope she likes this one.


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Dos - The Really Good Pot Roast

This one brings us back to the beginning.  Well not the very beginning, but the hours right afterwards.  A few years ago, Mark and I decided to get together for a weekend to play and attempt to record some music together.  Other than jamming out a quick 12-bar blues now and then, we had never really tried to do anything like it before.  We weren’t The Really Good Pot Roast yet, but this session is where it all began.

This track, Dos, is the second song we wrote that weekend.  Go figure.  Like a lot of our early sessions, it is an instrumental.  I came up with the guitar parts while we were playing Mario Kart on the Wii trying to unlock the last 2 characters.  There MIGHT have been beer involved.



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Curtain Call - Robert Rubin

This post has been floating in drafts for quite a while and I’m not sure why we haven’t posted it.  Figured I’d throw it up today.

Although I did post one track to 50/90 before Mark came to New York for our recording session I consider this my first complete solo track of 50/90 (The other has no vocals and is really more of a remix).  This song proves something Mark and I have joked about with each other for years.  All things being equal, we gravitate towards lyrics that fit into one of 3 categories: death, doom, and bitches who don’t love us.  In fact, “Death, Doom & Bitches Who Don’t Love Us” was one of the scrapped names for our album, Serious as a Heart Attack.

Hope you enjoy,


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Alabaster Woman

This is an unusual song for Mark and I for a few reasons. Typically the vocalist for a Really Good Pot Roast song is whoever wrote the lyrics. This is one of only 2 songs we have that is an exception. The other thing that makes it unusual is the prose. I was in a rhyming rut when I wrote these lyrics so Mark suggested to forget about writing a song an just write a story. We’ll worry about song structure later. Mark saw this story and just put it to music without revision. (Actually, that’s a lie. The 3rd verse was rewritten because the original had too many words in it). The narrative of the song was missing something until Mark added the bridge.


Rob and I have been kicking this song around for a little while. We shelved it for a bit, but came back to it this weekend. This song is a bit of a groove feel to it, simply arranged. We’re not sure what, if anything, it needs. That’s not to say we think it’s perfect, but I think it’s come out pretty well. I have a question about the length of the song, if it should be sped up a bit, but I think the demo has some legs and can stand on it’s own for a while.

This song is a look into the trappings of suburbia, and peeling back the layers of the neighbors you know only in passing, and what they could really be. It’s like telling a story three times, but getting into more uncomfortable details each time. Not everything is as perfect as it seems.