My headphones broke last week.  The right ear cup fell of last week, and since the left cup is only held on by painter’s tape, I took this as a sign that it’s probably time for a new pair. So I ordered a replacement set.

Trouble is, these are a great pair of headphones.  Sennheiser HD 201.  Cheap ($20-25 US), but they have a fantastic clean sound (which I need for recording/mixing), comfortable fit, and a really long cable. While they’re broken in form and shape, they still work, and still sound great. Seemed a shame to just throw them out.

While out and about with my wife today, I walked into a dollar store, and walked out with $3 of a solution.  A St. Patrick’s Day toy, ping-pong balls, and some metal duct tape, and a half hour of work, and I now have DOOMPHONES! HEADPHONES of DOOM!

Gonna chalk this up as a win.

I’m a serious musician, internet.  Seriously.