Tumblorchestra: An Update


It is is a thing.  

It is happening.  

The two of us have sifted through your many ones of contributions, and are writing and recording.  So far, we have a general direction we’re happy with, and have built the first two verses and choruses (chorusi? chorii).  There are guitars, bass, drums, and a small contingent of singers.  But nothing is finished just yet.

So this is a last call for contributions.  Hand Claps, recording your five favorite words (or in Texnessa’s case, her single favorite word, repeated), anything else, send it our way.  Drop us a line in our  Ask Box.

Want to record a solo?  Ask Box us about it, and we can put together an instrumental snippet of our working draft for you to use as recording reference for key and pacing (I think we’re in Dm at around 100 bpm).

Again, last call.  This song may be more ‘House Band’ than ‘Orchestra’, but it’s gonna happen.

There’s always Tumblorchestra 2.0…