Putting the ‘Fail’ in ‘Failing Live’

One of my VSTi’s failed and ate a keyboard part.  Sad trombone.  Actually sad keyboard.

If you like a part so much you’ll rerecord it, it better be a freaking keeper.


When one drum doesn’t do it for you…

Add another.

Also, can you tell I don’t quite know how to use Tumblr yet?  How do you quote people?  Not a time to figure it out.  40 minutes left.  Still a lot to write.


This song is gonna need synth “ahhhhh”s during he chorus, isn’t it?

baffledinbrooklyn replied to your post: Using the Dad-Guitar

Well, that wasn’t my original intent, but now that you mention it…

Using the Dad-Guitar

Bass time.  Playing with a basic progression.  Working on strum pattern and tone.  I already need to resequence the song.  Might work on scratching out the parts first, then do a rerecord in the last 45 minutes.

Interesting note with all of this.  AS compressed as all this time is, this is how I usually write.  I write a component, record it, then layer layer layer.  Writing and recording as almost always inextricably linked for me. 


0-7-1 replied to your post: First, we math…

i was just now working on an 128 bpm track… :O

I’m looking over your shoulder, like in math class to see if you have the answers. :-)

Then, we drum…

Drums are next.  At least to temp out a pace for myself.  I’m going to mock up a basic 4/4 and loop it for 3 or 4 minutes.  I’ll likely come back to this in a bit and alter them or add to them. Anything to make them more interesting, if I use them at all.


First, we math…

In FAWM, I’ve been on an electronica / industrial kick.  That’s likely where I’ll go today.  I want to start off with figuring BPM.  I’m going to be nerdy and take the songs I’ve written so far and average together their BPM.  That’ll dictate the pace here.


80 + 100 + 170 + 95 + 110 + 140 + 140 + 120 + 190 = 1145 / 9 = 127.22

I’m gonna call it 128 bpm.

Interesting.  Here we go.


Failing Live II - The Refailenating

It’s a holiday Monday, and I’m home from work.  I’ve decided to give another run at live-blogging a songwriting session.  Today’s goal is a bit more sedate, as I want to try an instrumental track, probably a bit more low-key.  Without having to write and record vocals, I’m hoping this will be less difficult and annoying.

I know that’s the equivalent to a character in a horror movie saying ‘What could possibly go wrong’, but I’m gonna just leave that there.

I’m putting 90 minutes on the clock.  Good luck, internet.