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Live songwriting experiment - COMPLETE! Lyrics and chords exist in this post

At first I was all 

Why am I doing this? What if I fail? Oh man oh man oh man oh man… Why am I worried? I don’t even have that many followers…

Then I was all 

Why won’t the lyrics just COME already?! Why do I keep stuffing up?! Where is *that* stupid harmony coming from? Are you for serious brain?!

But, now it’s exported, uploaded and about to go on to my fiftyninety page. I can’t decide it I like it or not. I’m just

Done like a done thing. 

Kahiwa, a fell 50/90 and FAWMer, recently chronicled the writing of a new song.  Unlike the disasters attempts Rob and I have showcased here, she recorded snippets of the song during the writing phase and posted them, along with the lyrics and chord progression.  Following on her blog under the tag ‘live blogging’, it’s a fascinating insight into another musician’s writing process. 

It’s also an amazing decent into gif-madness.

Well done, Kahiwa!


Failing Live 4: The Guitars…

All instruments have been tuned.

Bassline has been written and recorded.

Mark has announced that he is just gonna improvise the guitars in one take. What can possibly go wrong?!

In other news, a mandolin might happen.

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Beyond the Friendly Ignorance - Robert Rubin

Here’s the result of today’s episode of Failing Live.  Not bad for my first attempt at it.  Hope you all enjoy!  The song title comes from Titular, the random title generator on the FAWM website.

Failing Live - The Rob Edition

First draft is done.  Needs some leveling work and possibly a rewrite on the drums.  Good thing I didn’t give myself a time limit.

Mark’s Thoughts on Failing Live - The Rob Edition

This is fucking awesome.  

Glad you learned about Step 0: Tune your instruments.  My last song would have been an acoustic love song had I performed that step.

200 BPM?  I’m gonna hold onto the grass so I don’t fall off the world when that goes flying by.  

And time limits are overrated.

Welcome to the show.


Failing Live - The Rob Edition

It took a non-zero number of retries, but the bass is in.  Now to figure out what else this is gonna need to fill out the sound…

Side Note - By not specifying a time limit I’ve eliminated the possibility of sudden death overtime ;-)

Failing Live - The Rob Edition

Mark and I recently joked that above 120bpm my entire universe breaks down and I can no longer function.  This motherfucker clocks in at 200BPM.  Let’s write a bass line!

Failing Live - The Rob Edition

OK.  I’ve put in a generic drum beat to keep time and I’ve got a riff I’d like to design the track around.  Now I just need to train myself to play the damn thing fast enough to keep tempo without making 1,000 mistakes we’d be in business.

Failing Live - The Rob Edition

Mark’s done 2 experiments in live blogging the song creation process so I figured I’d give it a crack.  I mean, if he can do it how hard can it be right?  Here we go.

STEP 1:  STEP 0 (As in before you even start):  Tune all instruments.

See that?  I’m ahead already!

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I’m finished.

The track is called ‘Failing Live’ after this series of posts.

It’s a three and a half minute instrumental.  It won’t change the world, but I’m pleased for 2 hours of work.


Mixing Down

I’m doing that now.

Just thought you should know.

This will all be over soon.

Anyone got a title I can use?


Speaking of Guitars…

Don’t have much time for them.  Going to try to one-take them. And by one-take, I mean fake something until it makes sense, then record the entire track’s worth in one take for each guitar part.

Good luck, everybody else!