We here in the Really Good Pot Roast hope you get everything you want this Christmas, no matter how simple or not safe for work.

Happy Holidays,

-Rob and Mark

The Desert Sessions - Make It Wit Chu

Josh Homme doesn’t stop making music.  Every once in a while, he holes up with a few other musicians, and just spends a block of time writing and recording, then releases the result.  Make It Wit Chu was originally on Desert Sessions Volume 5&6, with PJ Harvey doing backing vocals.  He later rerecorded it with QotSA, almost note for note, but doing he backing vocals himself.


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The Twelve Days of Cranqmas - The Really Good Pot Roast & Dr. Cranquis

Hannukah is over, and Christmas is around the corner.  But forget all of that.  Today is CRANQMAS DAY!

The Twelve Days of Cranqmas is a collaboration between The Really Good Pot Roast, the ever festive Dr. Cranquis, and a host of Cranquistadors!  It’s also the first track on the new Really Good Pot Roast holiday EP ‘A Really Good Holiday’!

Download ‘A REALLY GOOD HOLIDAY’ from Bandcamp, including Christmas Dinner and The Twelve Days of Cranqmas, for FREE!  Click here, people!  Download the whole EP for FREE and get a copy of the liner notes with all the lyrics, a glossary of terms, thanks yous to the Cranquistadors, and a special note from Dr. Cranquis!  AND IT’S FREE!

In the spirit of the season, this EP our gift to you. 

Happy Holidays, 

-Rob and Mark, The Really Good Pot Roast

Time to slop a ladle of egg-nog into a (clean) emesis basin and listen to some Cranqmas music. Enjoy, Cranquistadors!

There’s only 12 days until Christmas — I’m gonna go ahead and claim them as the 12 Days of Cranqmas. And here’s the official theme song — someone dies in it!

(Lyrics can be found here)

The best part of Friday the 13th is the 12 days of Cranqmas that follow. 

Merry Cranqmas from the boys in The Really Good Pot Roast

Last year, we released a holiday album, aptly named ‘A Really Good Holiday’.  This being the last night / day of Hanukkah, we thought we’d celebrate with a song.  This song is about our experience as kids in the 70’s and 80’s, and the lack of things to do on Christmas.

If you like this track, pick up our holiday album on Bandcamp for Pay-What-You-Like, including free!

And we’re working on a new album now.  Stay tuned here for some previews and more updates from us in the coming weeks! 

-Mark and Rob

NoFX - Monosyllabic Girl

I fucking love NoFX.  Fast, fun, and prolific.  They’ve been around forever, and they’re still as good as ever.  They’re lyrics are at one turn hilarious and irreverent (like this song here) to the very sociopolitically opinionated. 

This isn’t their best song, but it’s one of my favorites.


Weezer - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

I don’t need to explain myself for Weezer, but I’ll explain why this song:  It wasn’t a single form the album, but I’ve always loved it.  The roomy, slack drum tone is my favorite on the album.  The light, crisp, arpeggiated acoustic that permeates the track and ends it.  The verses are 4-chord grinds.  The pre-chorus gives is little riff based transitions.  To me, this entire album is perfect Beatles-esque pop, with a harder guitar tone. 


Ani Difranco - 32 Flavors

Ani is one of two acoustic musicians that made me want to learn to play guitar.  She barely stands 5 feet tall, but when she plays even solo acoustic, she absolutely fills the room.  Her songwriting is smart, sometimes challenging, sometimes opinionated, but her voice takes command and requires you to at least listen.  Her guitar playing is at times delicate, and other times so powerful that you’re sure she’s going to destroy a few strings (in an interview once, she talked about how she strings and tunes her guitar so the strings are well stretched out.  I still use the technique she described on my acoustics).

This song is a favorite, and this recording is from one of her first tours with a band.  I haven’t heard her newer stuff, but this material still defines how I play guitar.


TV on the Radio - Young Liars

This song introduced me to TV on the Radio, and between Tunde Adebimpe’s vocals and lyrics, and David Sitek’s production, I’ve been completely hooked.  I’m fascinated by sound they create, and how each song is it’s own universe.   Tunde approaches his vocals almost like Tom Waits, manipulating the tone, power, and timbre to suit each song.  Sitek’s production is a mix between Wall of Sound, noise rock, and world music.  Each song calls out to a bunch of different disparate styles that all somehow work together.

I’ve studied music production more because of this one song than almost any other band’s catalog.


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Twenty-Four Pounds - The Really Good Pot Roast

Ever since Dr. Cranquis posted this article we’ve been messaging with him back and forth about how best to tackle it as a song.  Not a groundbreaking movement, but a fun little tune.  This is our #1 song about #2.

Anybody have any more poop jokes before we move on?

Enjoy the pool!

No. 1 swimming pool problem? It's number two! - NBC News.com

A while ago, Dr. Cranquis posted this article.  MArk and I have been threatening to write a song based on it ever since.

Things are happening.

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The Really Good Pot Roast has written a theme for my tumblr. When asked what kind of music I enjoy, I shrieked, “‘80s Synth Pop!!!!”  Yeah, they did it right.  This is just awesome.  I’m listening and head bobbing with my eyes closed, thinking all sorts of meaningful things.

I have made the album artwork the f*cking flower that I would really like teenage girls who are into “boho” to stop reblogging. That f*cking flower now has over 14,000 notes, is being used by some UK internet shop (without my permission), is several people’s avatars, and is the bane of my internet existence. It’s like people haven’t really thought about the whole Georgia O’Keefe “sometimes a flower isn’t just a flower” thing.

Apparently Thor factors in to this tumblr a bit. That makes me happy.  Would you like some Thor with your Thor?

Seriously guys, this is awesome. I’m giggling and bouncing over here.


And finally, another theme song, this time for the awesome Lady of the House. Check back with us soon for updates on our theme song album to be released on Bandcamp!

A truthful text exchange between the band members

MARK: At a free concert with my wife. It's a blues band. Decent bar band. The guitarist has a gorgeous Gretch hollow body, but seems rough as a lead. He's unplugged himself twice mid-song.

MARK: Picture me trying to solo with a blues band. There you go.

ROB: Ouch.

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As Dr. Cranquis and the Really Good Pot Roast sat around a dimly lit table on a snowy night at Cranquis’ Fortress of Cranquitude to write our holiday opus, The Twelve Days of Cranqmas, we joked about med students and how they tend to take over in teaching hospitals.  Someone, I don’t recall who, said, ‘It’s like an inquisition.  And no one expects the Med Student Inquisition.‘  A silence followed as we realized the ramifications of these words.  We nodded, and set about finishing the work at hand, knowing full well that a new task had just begun.

Today, in honor of Dr. Cranquis’ 50,000 follower milestone*, we present to you a new addition of The Cranqsterpiece Theater, featuring the voice talents of The Lady of the House, the guys from the Really Good Pot Roast, and the start of the show himself, Dr. Cranquis.

Listen with limited commercial interruption, and enjoy!


And now for something completely different.

*Dr. Cranquis is still a little bit away from 50k, but we were late with all the other milestones, so this balances out.

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Mumbled Gripes (Remix) - The Really Good Pot Roast

A while ago, we wrote a theme song for Dr. Cranquis.  We’ve decided to give it a remix and repost for 2 reasons.  One, we’ve been working on theme songs recently in advance of our upcoming Tumblr Theme song Compilation with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.  Two, as a teaser for an upcoming Cranquis Project celebrating his soon-to-be 50,000th follower.  And three - we have 3 reasons for the repost.  One, Tumblr themes project, Two, Cranquis 50K project, Three, gives us more practice with our new mastering software, and Four shameless self-promotion of previous albums, DAMN!  We have 4 reasons for this post which have been listed in my previous sentence.

Mumbled Gripes, The Official Dr. Cranquis Theme, appeared on our album You Have Died of Dysentery.  CLICK HERE to visit BandCamp and download all of our albums for free!