Rob MacAllister @ The Acoustic Club


Last Thursday I played at The Acoustic Club, Bishop’s Stortford. As always I got a recording and it’s here for you to check out if you couldn’t pop down to the gig.

If you want to hear more from The Acoustic Club you can download a 4 track EP for FREE from Bandcamp

If you visit that page it also has the lyrics for the four songs I have previously performed there so feel free to check it out.


Great acoustic performance from a fellow musician here on Tumblr.  The reblog won’t work with Sound Cloud so I’ve put a link to the original post instead.  Do click through and give it a listen.  It’s quite nite.


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A good day's work

Sweater Puppets - The Really Good Pot roast (And Friends)

This picture was taken back in July, at the start of a Really Good Pot Roast recording session.  Rob and I joined forces with two friends of the band to ring in the weekend by having a scotch tasting.  And by tasting I mean drinking an aggressive amount of scotch.  We started off with thoughtful samplings, a tumbler with a splash of scotch, honestly trying to enjoy the different ages and flavors of scotch.  Yeah, by the 4th bottle, we instituted some sort of self imposed penalty system wherein we were required to drink more scotch.  I’m fuzzy on the logic of it, but the results were empty bottles and bold ideas.

A couple hours in, Rob and I played a few of the songs we’d just written.  Mentioning the band name made someone wisely realize that we had no food to temper all the booze we were imbibing.  The friends of the band set out to procure vittles, and left us with an edict: Record a new song to celebrate the evening before they get back.

So we did.

The music for this song was written and recorded in 20 minutes.  Then we decided to add ‘vocals’.  I put that in quotes because we opted for an idiots chorus of screaming some word.  For reasons only scotch can provide, the four of us decided that word was ‘Titties’.

It took an hour to record the vocals.  The hour ended with me having to use violent hand signals to indicate to the group their cues to scream.

The moral of the story: Scotch is a helluva thing.