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Anonymous - The Really Good Pot Roast

Our first blog request is complete.  Anonymous wanted us to write a song about him/her and we obliged.  We hope we captured his/her essence.  Enjoy everyone!  Would you like to request a song about a certain topic or a specific cover?  Head over to the Ask/Request box.

Have You Seen Our Really Good Request Box?

Rob and I spent the last few weeks chirping about our new album You Have Died of Dysentery (still available for your ear hole pleasure on Bandcamp!) and theme songs for your good tumblrhood doctor. We’re already looking to FAWM our next writing challenge and some projects queued up. So that’s happening, but our Tumblr brain dumps seem to have tapered off.

Brain mush. No think. You help?

We’re going to be writing a lot of music in February.  We have some ideas, but we’re turning to you, internets.  Got any requests? Topics for which you’d like songs written?  Styles of music you’d like us to tackle?  Or do you have any questions you’ve been mildly wanting to ask? Witicisms? Criticisms?

To put it another unfortunate way, put your words in our box, and we will respond to you and make sweet music together.



Edit:  Anonymous asks enabled.   I’m learning all the time.