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See You Next Tuesday (NSFW)


The Tumblorchestra, Featuring The Really Good Pot Roast, Texnessa, Dr Cranquis, and TLOTH.

The challenge began with an innocuous suggestion by helms-deep that we could start a band here on Tumblr.  We saw that as a gauntlet thrown.  So we called, and a few brave tumblrs answered.

Texnessa and her favorite word were the first to arrive, and completely dictated the song direction of the song.  Dr. Cranquis sent along his sections, and they fit perfectly in our odd little minds.  TLoTH brought it home with some harmonies.

We got your submissions and we wrote and recorded piecemeal over the last week or so. 

And now we present to you, “See You Next Tuesday”, the NSFW Tumblorchestra first single.

  • Texnessa: Vocals, Cowbell
  • Cranquis: Vocals, Clapping / shaker, Kazoo solo
  • TLOTH: Vocals
  • RGPR: Backing music, Vocals, Additional lyrics


"See You Next Tuesday"

The way you move
It draws me in
For you I’d find my faith just so that I could sin
Don’t know your name
But that’s okay
Everything I need is all in how you say

Texnessa / TLOTH / Dr. Cranquis

Yes indeed
Got you in mind
As I’m praying on my knees for a sign
I hear your voice
Calling out to me
Point me in the right direction and suddenly I see (your)

Texnessa / TLOTH / Dr. Cranquis

Somewhere among
the truth and lies
Lives your crusade against love’s compromise
Give you what you want
Tell me what you need
I’ll see you next Tuesday, and every day between (in your)

Texnessa / TLOTH / Dr. Cranquis