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    OK.  We’re shifting gears from the instrumental electronica stuff we did for the Trevor Project (The wait is killing me).  This track is from our album, Serious as a Heart Attack.  The album is available on iTunes and AmazonMP3.  All proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association. 

    Lyric writing is always tough for me.  I  have a little journal I carry in my bag just in case I get an inspiration while I’m on the road.  85% of the lyrics in that book will never see the light of day, nor should they, but every once in a while something good happens.

     I wrote these lyrics on the subway home from work.  I’ve always wonder what the emergency cord is for since the signs tell you never to pull it, even if there’s a fire or a medical emergency.  Mark and I both liked the lyrics, but had a hard time putting together music that worked.  This song was the last track on the album to be finalized despite being one of the first tracks we started.