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Hello Internet.  We’ve missed you!

For reasons that sound boringly like normal life, Rob and I have been a bit absent on this blog.  But we’re back now, and you’ll get some new RGPR!

This year’s 5090 is over, but we still have a few songs we haven’t played here yet.

First up, We Can’t Play.

Rob and I were in the same place at the same time this summer, and wrote a few songs. A goal we set for ourselves was to write new music with out new instruments. I’ve been learning the ukulele, and Rob has picked up the mandolin.

We’re not exactly ‘good’ yet.

This song was born from that idea.

It is a fun little song written while we put together our first 5090 podcast, and drank. And drank.  And considering this started with uke and mandolin, this got out of hand quickly.

We hope you enjoy it.


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Live songwriting experiment - COMPLETE! Lyrics and chords exist in this post

At first I was all 

Why am I doing this? What if I fail? Oh man oh man oh man oh man… Why am I worried? I don’t even have that many followers…

Then I was all 

Why won’t the lyrics just COME already?! Why do I keep stuffing up?! Where is *that* stupid harmony coming from? Are you for serious brain?!

But, now it’s exported, uploaded and about to go on to my fiftyninety page. I can’t decide it I like it or not. I’m just

Done like a done thing. 

Kahiwa, a fell 50/90 and FAWMer, recently chronicled the writing of a new song.  Unlike the disasters attempts Rob and I have showcased here, she recorded snippets of the song during the writing phase and posted them, along with the lyrics and chord progression.  Following on her blog under the tag ‘live blogging’, it’s a fascinating insight into another musician’s writing process. 

It’s also an amazing decent into gif-madness.

Well done, Kahiwa!



I shouldn’t be left home alone often. I do silly things like spend evenings making videos. 
Or, if you like them, maybe you’ll enjoy the next few weeks/months as I pass time in Adelaide without any established friends…

Kahiwa is a fellow 50/90 musician, and she’s posting live videos of some of her music.  We’ve blogged about her before.  Her music is wonderful, and and writes mostly love songs over solo ukulele music.  Her demo EP, aptly titled ‘Love Songs’, is up on bandcamp.  Go here:

This is a song she wrote about 2 weeks ago, and recorded live recently while cooped up in a hotel room.  My work trips aren’t nearly as productive.


Come listen to 50/90 AWESOMENESS


My internet friend, jonniegrunge, from The Really Good Pot Roast has written the awesomest happy make-you-dance-and-jump-around ukulele+electronica song. 

I’ve just listened to it 5 times on repeat, jumping around like a crazy person. 

Please go listen to it. 

Kahiwa (aka kiwafruit) is awesome. 

Rob and I have blathered on about 50/90 before.  It’s a great place  for songwriters to challenge themselves, listen to other musicians write and produce, and learn.  We’re both headlong into the challenge, and we’ll be demoing a couple songs here on our tumblr.

What Kahiwa is talking about is a song I wrote called ‘Here and Now’, which is pop/electronica/twee/ukulele song.  Yep.  All that.

Click the linkipoo Kahiwa provided to listen.  Or barring that, I’ll try and post it here later today. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the other new component of the RGPR musical arsenal:

This is my new custom 5-String Ukulele.  

I met someone a couple years ago with family in Hawaii that make instruments.  In particular, ukuleles.  Rob got me a great concert ukulele a year or so ago, and I’ve really enjoyed playing it.  But the opportunity to get a custom made uke was one I couldn’t pass up.

As with most of my instruments, I didn’t just want another of the same size/style uke as I already have.  So this one is a custom, a tenor neck on a concert body with a slightly deeper bass end, and of course, a 5th string.  This extra string is an octave on the A string, which adds a very warm tone.

Granted, I’m the guy who just released an electronica rock album, but not everything has to be noise.  

I can’t wait to record with this. I’m a huge fan of this thing already.  


Click the link to see the future of ukulele:  An iPad, an iPhone, a bit of wood, and apps.
I can’t tell if this is awesome or terrible.  

Click the link to see the future of ukulele:  An iPad, an iPhone, a bit of wood, and apps.

I can’t tell if this is awesome or terrible.  


Uke Hunt Podcast #13

There’s a Ukulele PodCast.  Fellow FAWMer (And 50/90er) Kiwafruit is featured in it.  You should listen to it.  Please :-)




Yay for the first podcast of 2012! Featuring the long awaited interview with Lila Burns and a mellow selection of ukulele tunes to ease you into the year.


  1. Lloyd Gabriel - Unhook Your Heart
  2. Kiwafruit - Alone And Thinking Of You
  3. Megg Farrell’s Whiskey Social - O’ Fear Nothing, Ms Bennet
  4. The Great Sebaldo - Man On The Train
  5. Sara Dennis - Lost Times
  6. Lila Burns - Witching Hour
  7. Lila Burns Interview Part 1
  8. Lila Burns - Again and Again
  9. Lila Burns Interview Part 2
  10. Lila Burns - Timeline
  11. Spoon Blind Williams - Oh! Wow
  12. The K - Unusual Possibilities
  13. Manitoba Hal - Down In Pubnico

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Oh my goodness. What a lovely surprise to see me and my song on this month’s podcast!
Thanks @Bossa!! So very pleased right now :

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New Year’s Fool

Rob got me a melodica for the holidays.  It is obviously awesome. Yesterday, Rob challenged me to write a song using the aforementioned melodica, my ukulele, and a tamborine.  He asked that the song be called ‘Redheaded Stepchild’.  I was able to fulfill 3/4 of his challenge. Only fitting the resulting song is in 3/4 time.

This song is called ‘New Year’s Fool (New Year’s Day)’ instead of Redheaded Stepchild because that’s where the lyrical narrative wound up.  I tried to write something funny as the proposed title suggests, but I couldn’t get there.  Instead, I wrote this.  It’s a, well, it’s a song with uke, melodica, tamborine, and vocals, in 3/4 time.  This isn’t a punk song, fair to say.  I’m getting over a cold, so the song is a bit nasaly.  But I’m pleased with the 2 hours of work.

Let me know what you think, dear internet.

And if you like this, could I interest you in our two albums on Bandcamp?  They’re free/pay what you want.

Serious as a Heart Attack

You Have Died of Dysentery (New!)