DOOMphones, Engage! Chapter 5: The High Parts

I hate singing the high parts

And yet, I still write them.

The song I’m rerecording tonight has a full-on falsetto part, and a part that is supposed to hit a note that I don’t think I could find if you gave me a map and a big neon sign.

Gonna be rough night, kids.


My headphones broke last week.  The right ear cup fell of last week, and since the left cup is only held on by painter’s tape, I took this as a sign that it’s probably time for a new pair. So I ordered a replacement set.

Trouble is, these are a great pair of headphones.  Sennheiser HD 201.  Cheap ($20-25 US), but they have a fantastic clean sound (which I need for recording/mixing), comfortable fit, and a really long cable. While they’re broken in form and shape, they still work, and still sound great. Seemed a shame to just throw them out.

While out and about with my wife today, I walked into a dollar store, and walked out with $3 of a solution.  A St. Patrick’s Day toy, ping-pong balls, and some metal duct tape, and a half hour of work, and I now have DOOMPHONES! HEADPHONES of DOOM!

Gonna chalk this up as a win.

I’m a serious musician, internet.  Seriously.