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JonnieGrunge - Designed Mistake

Yesterday we posted our second collaboration from FAWM, stemming from our Anonymous ask box request.  We’ll have more collaborations to post here throughout the month, but we’ll also be posting some of our solo efforts.

This is my first solo track for FAWM. A couple years ago, I wrote an album of new wave punk electronica. Now with a few more years recording and production under my belt, I find myself circling back to further explore this sound. I’ll probably try a few different styles this year, but I’m hoping to come back to this.

It’s a 6 minute song, which was really not my original intent. It’s where it wound up, though.  I think it moves nicely.

I hope you enjoy.  And if you’re a songwriter, musician, or music fan, come join us at FAWM.  You can find my profile and music here.