This is happening

Today is my birthday.  Despite releasing an album of new material about 6 weeks ago, I feel like I haven’t done anything musical in a while, and certainly haven’t played live in longer.  So today, I’m carving out an hour to set up, pick some songs, and record a live set of songs.  I think it’s going to be a collection or weird covers I like, maybe an original or two.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I’m going to post these here anyway, as a series of single song posts. 


Ani Difranco - 32 Flavors

Ani is one of two acoustic musicians that made me want to learn to play guitar.  She barely stands 5 feet tall, but when she plays even solo acoustic, she absolutely fills the room.  Her songwriting is smart, sometimes challenging, sometimes opinionated, but her voice takes command and requires you to at least listen.  Her guitar playing is at times delicate, and other times so powerful that you’re sure she’s going to destroy a few strings (in an interview once, she talked about how she strings and tunes her guitar so the strings are well stretched out.  I still use the technique she described on my acoustics).

This song is a favorite, and this recording is from one of her first tours with a band.  I haven’t heard her newer stuff, but this material still defines how I play guitar.


One more time, with feeling

Playing another open mic tonight. Decided last minute, and I really didn’t want to over think it. I wanted to get some live rehearsal before RGPR had session time this weekend.

This time I have sheet music and lyrics. So that’s a plus.

Still, panic.


Rob MacAllister @ The Acoustic Club


Last Thursday I played at The Acoustic Club, Bishop’s Stortford. As always I got a recording and it’s here for you to check out if you couldn’t pop down to the gig.

If you want to hear more from The Acoustic Club you can download a 4 track EP for FREE from Bandcamp

If you visit that page it also has the lyrics for the four songs I have previously performed there so feel free to check it out.


Great acoustic performance from a fellow musician here on Tumblr.  The reblog won’t work with Sound Cloud so I’ve put a link to the original post instead.  Do click through and give it a listen.  It’s quite nite.