In the way that time does, a year has passed, and we’re here in February.  And with it, the month brings FAWM, the February Album Writing Month challenge.  28 days, 14 songs.

Last year, Rob and I both wrote music during FAWM and ‘won’ the challenge.  My music resulted in my album 'NEW THING'.  Rob’s resulted in ‘Now That You’re Here’. Both albums are available for any price (even free).

This year, we’re involved again, but probably not in the same extent.  We’ll be posting some of our new material here in the coming weeks.  Our big focus right now is cleaning up existing material for our new album later this year.  But we can’t help writing.

If you’re a songwriter and want to challenge yourself, come join us.  FAWM is a great, positive atmosphere for songwriters looking for a challenge, an outlet, a forum, trading ideas, collaboration, and constructive criticism. 

See you there!


Mark & I will soon embark on FAWM.  What is FAWM?  I’ll let musician and FAWM’er Mike Skliar explain it to you in this little video.  We’ll be posting some new material in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.


5090 Podcast, Episode 2

The second 50/90 podcast of 2011 is up.  While Kiwafruit kicked things off, T.C. Elliott takes charge for episode 2.  It’s a great showcase of some of the talented people in the 50/90 songwriting community.

If you want to check out 20-odd minutes of good music, follow the link and download the podcast.  


And if you’re a musician, come join us.  50/90 may be about the goal of writing 50 songs in 90 days, but it’s more about just writing songs. One or one hundred, doesn’t matter.  

If you write songs (music, lyrics, both, either), come join us:  http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/